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posted by pegboy
chicago blows
16 oct 2005 | 12:44am
The Windy City, she sure can blow sometimes. Vent your frustrations at the Chicago Blows community. People piss me off on a daily basis, but why piss yet more people off complaining about it? Better to post someplace where someone might relate, rather than talking the ear off the poor schmuck you cornered at the local pub.

I'm (pegboypegboy) known as something of a nazi-asshole when it comes to LJ and such, but I have only one rule for this community.

No posting stupid playbills for when your band is playing or when the next stupid-ass dance party is going to be at a club nobody goes to (nobody I give shit about anyway).

Outside of that, anything goes. Feel free to post about how much you hate me, tourists, your ex-girlfriend, that hobo who stunk up the redline the other day, or even how much Fallout Boy sucks. Whatever.

Join here.

X-Posted to most of the Chicago Communities.


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posted by madresal

13 oct 2005 | 07:01pm
Are we not having monthly meet ups anymore? :(


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posted by madresal

17 sep 2005 | 07:19pm

Hi Chicago peeps!

Does anyone know of any GRE study groups in Chicago or Evanston? I know there are the Kaplan and Princeton Review classes, but they are about $1000. I am hoping for something a little more reasonable, a little more informal.

I feel like I saw a comprehensive list of all the clubs in Chicago online, maybe put together by the Chicago Public Library? Maybe I saw it on chicagoist or gapersblock awhile back.? Let me know if you know of the list I am talking about or if I dreamed it up.

EDIT: I found the list, in case anyone cares other than me :)


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posted by unhipster
august meetup
25 aug 2005 | 05:17am
So...are we having a meetkup this month? And if so, where? I'm guessing not a lot of people showed up last month due to the weather...


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posted by rollick
movie meetup
25 jul 2005 | 05:08pm
[ mood | hopeful ]
So for those who expressed interest in a Grant Park Movie Meetup… Tomorrow night, cassielsander and I will be in Grant Park's Butler Field tomorrow night for the free outdoor showing of My Darling Clementine, the John Ford Western starring Henry Fonda and Victor Mature. We'll be there rain or shine; we sat through a lot of thunderstorms last year, and it was like a big-kids' sprinkler party. Watching movies in the rain is an adventure, I tells ya. Though at the moment, the weather is a great big question mark.

The film starts at 8:48 p.m., but if you want a good spot, you need to come early, and part of the point is to have time to hang out, eat, and socialize. People normally start arriving around 5ish, as they get out of work, and the good spots go quickly, but there should still be plenty of space by 7, when the meetups normally happen. I'll initially be standing at the northwest entrance to Butler Field, at the corner of East Monroe and South Columbus, under the trees where the concrete benches are. My plan is to arrive around 7 p.m. and hang out to catch other people as they arrive, then claim a bunch of space in the field, probably by 7:15 or so. So if you arrive after that, look for us out in the grass.

Good stuff to bring: Your own towel, blanket, or lawn chair, food or booze if you want it, cards or musical instruments or other portable entertainment, a jacket (it can get surprisingly chilly once the sun goes down, even if it's dry and warm beforehand) and friends. Bad stuff to bring: Pets (they aren't allowed), or stuff that would get you in trouble with the patrolling cops.

I will be carrying this fairly loud and distinctive umbrella as an identifier:

Hope to see you there!


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posted by polyfrog
july meetup
25 jul 2005 | 08:37am
THe July meetup will be at the Heartland Cafe, tomorrow at 7:30.
I will not be there; I have too much to do before a big trip, and can't afford the time. Y'all have fun!


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posted by robling_t
idea for august meetup
21 jul 2005 | 07:12am
Following on from Rollick's idea, I note that the August meeting also falls on an outdoor-film night, and the movie in question on that date is Star Wars... Anybody up for at least making that one of the venue-choice options next month?


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posted by rollick
anyone up for meetup in the park?
19 jul 2005 | 04:42pm
[ mood | hopeful ]
Here's a not-so-radical idea… instead of meeting at a restaurant or bar this time around, how about at the Grant Park Movie Fest downtown? Last year, I rounded up a tenacious group of LiveJournalers for free movies in the park almost every Tuesday, and it was a lot of fun, in spite of the ludicrous amount of rain we got. This year, I've avoided the fest because I've already seen all the movies.

But the evening of the 26th is the one week this year I'm planning to go, because they're showing something I haven't seen yet: John Ford's My Darling Clementine, a Western starring Henry Fonda as Wyatt Earp, "taming the town of Tombstone" by leading the gun battle at the OK Corral. Roger Ebert (who chose this year's screening lineup) puts it on his top-films list along with E.T. and Star Wars, among others.

The film starts at 8:48 p.m., but typically, people start showing up as much as a couple of hours earlier to claim space and picnic in the park. I recommend being there by 7, and bringing blankets or lawn chairs. If it isn't raining, it's a good place to just kick back and relax in the open, and there's space for everybody. Anybody with me?


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posted by polyfrog
july location
18 jul 2005 | 08:10am
[ mood | busy ]
The next meetup will be July 26th at 7:30pm.

Where should we meet in July?

Rock Bottom Brewery
Golden Nugget @ Clark & Diversey


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posted by pudgym
that time of the month?
13 jul 2005 | 09:58pm
[ mood | indescribable ]

It is now Wednesday, 13 July.
This would seem to be the optimal time of the month to post the venue nominations for the July Chicago LiveJournal meetup.

Of course, this is just a hint.
I can get much more explicit - later. ;=)>


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posted by pudgym
meetup suggestions
30 jun 2005 | 02:09pm
[ mood | awake ]
Diminutive numbers engendered these thoughtsCollapse )


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posted by pudgym
so will you be there?
27 jun 2005 | 08:58pm
[ mood | hot ]

Because I am merely a free account of LiveJournal, I cannot set up a poll here.
But it is significant to learn who, and how many of you, will attend Tuesday night's Chicago LJ Meetup.
Someone will likely appreciate the data when he telephones the Golden Nugget @ Clark & Schubert to ask for a seating area. {Imagine the hilarity when he informs the joint, “I think we'll have six people; probably no more than nine.” - and thirteen people somehow turn up at 7:30 pm.}

So please indicate by responding here whether you shall attend, and if you shall, how many people could be in your orbit?
I will be there. I hope Atlanticat is there.


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posted by polyfrog
june meeting
20 jun 2005 | 11:14am
[ mood | geeky ]
The vote was pretty decisive.

Golden Nugget at Clark and Diversey
7:30pm (note new time!)
Tuesday the 28th.


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posted by polyfrog
does anyone know?
16 jun 2005 | 11:22am
Who is or was the maintainer of this community?

Eventually the "Hi I just joined LJ, wanna see my webcam?" spammers are going to find this community, and I'd like someone to be able to delete that crap when it happens.

Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?


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posted by polyfrog
13 jun 2005 | 11:04am
[ mood | working ]
I'm sorry I'm so late with this:

Poll #512077 Where shall we meet in June?

Where shall we meet in June?

Valois Cafeteria, 53rd & Lake Park
Golden Nugget, Clark and Diversey

With such short notice, I just picked the top two vote-getters from last month.
Poll closes on the 20th, the meeting will be the 28th at 7:30pm (note new time!)


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