Sally Tomato (ferretiger) wrote in chicagomeetup,
Sally Tomato


The maintainer of this community has apparently abandoned it, they have deleted and purged their journal. If the previous maintainer has a new LJ, please re-enlist yourself as maintainer, as there is some bizness some members would like to conduct.

Otherwise, I am volunteering to start and maintain a new Chicago meetup community.

If this is not agreeable to someone, please let me know.

Thanks :)
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I object. You two hardly know each other and now you want to get married? Oops, wait a minute, I think I'm posting this in the wrong place.

I think that's a fine idea. I had intended to do just that, but other considerations made me decide to see if anyone but me really cared anymore. I'm glad that someone besides me does, and fully support your initiative.